Delaware County Literacy Council





The Delaware County Literacy Council (DCLC) was founded by community members who felt passionate about helping adults who struggle with reading and writing. Throughout its history, the leaders of this treasured, local nonprofit have kept the needs of the student at the heart of the Literacy Council’s work.

DCLC has a robust training program for tutors. These volunteers devote not only hours, but often years, to teaching English, reading and GED courses to immigrants or anyone shortchanged by their education.

Many times, as in this case, the impetus for a new logo is an organization’s anniversary. Upon its 40th anniversary, the DCLC wanted to refresh its brand. They wanted it to remain some shade of blue and retain its reference to a book. The challenge, or the opportunity, was to do this in a fresh way that was easy to read and still recognizable as the Delaware County Literacy Council.

We created several versions of the logo: vertical, horizontal, with and without the anniversary year, etc., so that it could be as versatile as possible.

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