Brandywine Health Foundation

Every spring, the Brandywine Health Foundation hosts a garden party in advance of the Strawberry Festival, its multi-day, family-oriented fundraising extravaganza.

The garden party brings hundreds of donors to a beautiful Chester County estate for a lovely evening of great food and spectacular berry desserts. The desserts are prepared by chefs from local restaurants who compete for the best dessert in “The Battle of the Berries at Brandywine.”  In addition, guests hear about the foundation’s work and meet scholarship winners and others who have benefitted from their gifts.

Each year, the hardworking garden party committee selects a country whose culture is reflected in the event’s invitations (which we also design), cuisine and decor. These large banners highlight the foundation’s grant making areas. They were interspersed among the tables at the party.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to work on many other projects for the foundation, too. We are deeply grateful for this long-term relationship. Thank you to Jill Whitcomb, Vice President for Development and Communications for these kind words:

“Amy Pollack has been the lead designer for the Brandywine Health Foundation since 2001 and Twistnshout is the first company we turn to for fresh, creative design. Amy has worked on our branding, annual reports, invitations, ads and signage, as well as social media campaigns surrounding our annual appeal and messaging. Because she understands our mission, evolving needs, staff and stakeholders, she consistently produces material that advances our mission, encourages support and accomplishes our goals. Amy understands our vision and messaging needs even when we don’t articulate them well. She listens carefully, interprets our thinking and shares ideas and examples. Amy’s process is collaborative. She makes constructive changes until everyone is pleased. I trust Amy’s judgment 100% and she has never steered us wrong.”

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