Flexing New Muscles for FUSE

My personal and professional lives are converging.


At this terrifying moment in our nation’s history, my client FUSE (Fellowship of Urban Suburban Engagement) is definitely doing the hard work that needs to be done: promoting dialogue between disparate local communities “to deepen relationships, extend ourselves to one another, strive wholeheartedly to understand ‘the other’ in our community, help others understand us, and together, create a shared sense of destiny and purpose.”

I started by creating their logo, attended one amazing event which I ...

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A Reminder Why I Do What I Do

Every night, Lisa read to her young daughter Elizabeth before putting her to bed. It was a ritual that both enjoyed, and Lisa really wanted her daughter to understand the importance of reading. One night, as Elizabeth listened to the story her mother was telling, she looked at the page that her mother was reading from and said, “mommy, that’s not what it says in the book.” Elizabeth, now in third grade, had discovered her mother’s long held ...

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