Twistnshout for the Women’s Law Project!

In response to the outcome of the presidential election, Carol E. Tracy, Executive Director of the Women’s Law Project, stated unequivocally “The Women’s Law Project is going to do what we have always done: protect, defend, and advance the rights of women.” That’s why the Women’s Law Project (WLP) is one of the nonprofits that you can support through Twistnshout for Tolerance. On the WLP agenda:

Womens Law Project for Abortion Rights

  1. Ramp up to meet new challenges to support women and abortion care providers.
  2. Continue groundbreaking work that has transformed police practice for responding to sexual assault in Philadelphia.
  3. Intensify efforts on the Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health, a collaboration of 55 local, state and national organizations working together to improve women’s health and economic security in Pennsylvania.
  4. Organize “People’s Hearings on Pregnancy and Women’s Health” in which working women, including minimum and low-wage workers, will tell their stories about what life is like without paid sick days, paid family leave, pregnancy accommodations or opportunities to express milk in a private location in the workplace or access to decent childcare. They will also their stories of why they chose abortion, and the hardships encountered trying to maintain a healthy pregnancy. The goal is to listen, learn and educate.
  5. Defend our communities and join the fight to keep Philadelphia a Sanctuary City.

The WLP has a proven track record. Among its initiatives and accomplishments:

  • SAVED women’s college athletic teams from being dropped in violation of their Title IX rights

  • BROUGHT successful litigation achieving full health insurance coverage for 75,000 low-income women in Pennsylvania to which they were entitled, but were unfairly denied

  • PROVIDES legal representation to abortion providers and clients to navigate complex and ever-shifting laws, statutes and regulations

  • SECURES nursing mothers’ right to express breast milk in a private, sanitary space during the workday 

  • PROTECTS pregnant employees from having to choose between a paycheck and healthy pregnancy by ensuring access to temporary workplace accommodations

  • HELPS students seeking school response to allegations of sexual misconduct

  • IMPROVES police investigation of sex crimes free of bias

Thank you to Terry Fromson, Managing Attorney at the Women’s Law Project, for sharing her insights with me.

Interested in supporting the Women’s Law Project? Hire us and we will donate 10 percent of our creative fee to them through Twistnshout for Tolerance. 

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