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Book Design:
Directing the Heart

In “Directing the Heart,” Rabbi Yael Levy retells each chapter of the Torah, the Five Books of Moses, in her own words. Her writing is like poetry; every line, every space, every word and every comma is intentional. The phrases flow, revealing new insights along the way. Then, using her expertise and experience as a mindfulness practitioner, she follows each chapter with a suggested practice that capitalizes on the themes presented in the Torah portion.

My job was to design her book so that it conveyed her intention of quiet, contemplative, personal introspection. The book needed to feel contemporary and approachable.

The subject matter of “Directing the Heart” resonates deeply with me as I have a long-held interest in this field. But this was truly an awesome challenge. I felt a tremendous responsibility to be faithful to Rabbi Yael’s words and vision. And the scale of the project was rather daunting. So many pages!

I hope that the book becomes a useful resource for those interested in seeing Torah differently and incorporating its principles into their daily lives in a mindful way. As a guidebook for the soul, I hope its edges become worn from use. I am deeply grateful to Gari Weilbacher for connecting me with Rabbi Yael and managing this meaningful project.

Click here to purchase the book. Click here to find out more about the book and Rabbi Yael’s work with A Way In.


Book design and layout


Rabbi Yael Levy, A Way In



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Directing the Heart book cover

Happy Client!

“I am deeply grateful for the vision and care with which you brought this book to be. I am so honored by the way you listened to the teachings and crafted the message with elegance and love.”

Rabbi Yael LevyAuthor, Directing the Heart