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Village Vine owners at event

Logo Design:
Village Vine Wine Bar & Bistro

Village Vine, a wine bar and bistro, is a whole new kind of business for Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. That’s because the town was “dry” for over 60 years. In addition, however, founders Jill Bennett Gaieski and Lori Kettering Knauer have a unique concept for their charming, intimate storefront cafe. Their vision is to use wine to tell the stories of the people who make them and the cultures they come from. They feature small production wines from around the globe and pair them with seasonal small plates. Guests are invited to “come taste culture through wine.”

When Jill and Lori approached me about a logo, they already had a sketch in hand. But something wasn’t right. And they weren’t sure what it was. I explored some subtle shifts to color, typography, spacing and illustration. Together, we figured it out!

The logo made its debut on a banner at a street fair in Swarthmore. In the photo, you can see Jill and Lori joyfully hosting a wine and food tasting at the outdoor festival.


Logo for new restaurant


Village Vine Wine Bar + Bistro

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