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Collage: As Big As Cauliflowers

When my parents sold their house, the one they’d lived in for over 50 years, I inherited boxes of memorabilia that had accumulated in their basement. I found old photos, autograph books, birthday cards, report cards, a receipt for my wedding gown, thank you notes, and letters. Many, many letters.

I was surprised to find quite a few from my father. My father died only a few months after the house was sold so these letters became even more precious. One, from 1970, described a visit to a plant nursery where my father discovered begonias. Begonias in all their variety. In the letter, he says “the most magnificent begonias one could imagine, flowers as big as cauliflowers and colors that cannot be described.”

Thus began his lifelong obsession with these gorgeous blooms.

For this piece, I scanned his letter, enlarged the image, traced over his handwriting, and adhered the tracing paper to the collage.

Note: I took all of the photos below in my own garden. I love begonias too.

Personal Project:


Torn paper, fabric, watercolor, colored pencil
(9 X 12)