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Event Programs:
Delaware County Youth Orchestras

DCYO Fall 2023 program cover
DCYO Winter 2023 program cover


  • Elevate the design of DCYO concert programs so that the look is more professional
  • Create and adhere to font styles and type hierarchy, photo treatments and page layout so that all programs feel like a consistent suite
  • Create attractive, inviting covers that reflect the music, the season or something unique about each concert


Delaware County Youth Orchestras (DCYO)



Is it time for your materials to get a makeover? Make them more attractive, consistent and professional? Get in touch to see what we can do together.

Happy Client!

“With her design sense and professionalism, Amy Pollack has greatly elevated our organization’s visual communications. Starting with an overhaul of our outdated website, Amy and her team patiently worked with us to create and implement a graphically punchy, visually clean, highly productive website.

We also hired TwistnShout to professionalize the look of our concert programs. Amy designs beautiful graphics for the cover and throughout the program. She attentively collaborates with us to edit our text for clarity and conciseness. Finally, she arranges for the color production of the programs.Throughout the entire process, TwistnShout is a joy to work with. When we recently overheard an audience member exclaim as he looked at our concert program, “wow, you guys are so professional,” we knew we had Amy and TwistnShout to thank.”

Alison ManakerDelaware County Youth Orchestra Board Member