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Knowledge Designs to Change (KD2Change) is the brainchild of a consultant who does deep thinking about using knowledge for social change. Nonprofits, foundations, intermediaries or associations hire KD2Change to deepen understanding of target issues and increase strategy and program value.

Issue networks engage KD2Change to develop knowledge processes, document change, and embrace concepts and structures that strengthen the networks and maximize shared change strategy.

This work is rather abstract. The logo is designed to feel directional, suggesting that Knowledge, the K, points to change. The website uses the graphic of a tree changing colors to indicate the changing nature of knowledge.

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Branding and website development

  • Branding and visual design of website: Amy Pollack
  • Website development: Ben Roman


Knowledge Designs to Change (KD2Change)

When it comes to websites, I partner with Ben Roman. This way, you benefit from my art direction and his technical prowess. Get in touch for help with branding and website design and development.
KD2Change homepage screenshot