Senior Community Services

Senior Community Services (SCS) has been a fixture in Delaware County for 40 years. In addition to operating 4 senior centers that offer a host of activities to seniors throughout the county, SCS offers APPRISE health insurance counseling, runs the Center for Life Long Learning, the Hearing Discovery Center, Aging at Home which provides handyman services and transportation, and a Caregiver Support Program.

Senior center participants pay an annual membership fee and each center has a financial goal for its Membership Drive. In the past, these appeals were done via a direct mail business letter with an ask. Articles about the Membership Drive also appeared in the bi-monthly newspaper. (which we also produce) Reminding people about the value of membership and nudging them to pay their dues took a lot of time and energy.

So we suggested that they take a more personal approach. We engaged photographer Andy Shelter to take photos of members from each center and featured them in a series of colorful, center-specific, coordinated brochures. By using testimonials, we let members themselves express the value of center membership.

The response was fabulous. Folks loved seeing people they knew in the brochures. Membership fees were paid more quickly, some people gave more than the required fee and spirits soared with center pride. Based upon its success, we have used this approach for several years.

The photos were a very good investment. We repurposed them in pocket folders and signage as well as social media posts.


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