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We give our hearts to this place we love
We give a hand to those who struggle

“…the needs are growing as our county emerges from the pandemic and faces ongoing social and economic challenges. The struggles many families faced pre-pandemic have intensified. The enormous weight of rising inflation and gas costs has forced too many families to send their children to bed hungry or left them worrying about where they will sleep at night.”

This is how the 2022 annual report for the Foundation for Delaware County opens.

The report highlights the people and organizations that work along with the Foundation to make Delaware County better. It also shows how the Foundation functions as a convener, collaborator, and grant-maker.

In terms of design, this year’s report uses a refreshed color palette, new fonts and an updated logo. The pages are set up in a landscape format. Colored stripes with page titles separate sections of the report. Charts and graphs depict data using a simple graphic style. Elizabeth Leitzell took many of the beautiful photos. Katy Lichtenstein and Monika Collins from the Foundation were great partners.

As a team, it was exciting to bring the Foundation’s crucial, inspiring work to life on the printed page.


Annual report layout and design


The Foundation for Delaware County



Annual report design is one of my specialties. Get in touch to see how I can help with yours.