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Brandywine Health Foundation 2020 Annual Report

This was a really interesting report to design.

  • The nation was in the midst of a deadly pandemic. Communities of color were prime targets for COVID-19.
  • The deaths of unarmed people of color at the hands of those paid to protect and serve highlighted systemic racism.
  • Hunger, unemployment and depression resulted from all of the above.
  • The Brandywine Health Foundation had a new strategic plan. It reinforced the Foundation’s goal of achieving racial, health and economic equity in the Coatesville area.

This was a lot of ground to cover. The layout and design of the report convey the urgency and impact of the Foundation’s work. The report is set up as an interactive PDF. Pages have some animation which enhances the messages. Viewers can move through the report at their own pace. This was a creative challenge that I really enjoyed.

Ultimately, the Brandywine Health Foundation became the Alliance for Health Equity.


Brandywine Health Foundation


  • Layout and design annual report
  • Create interactive PDF for online use



Interactive PDFs are cool. Want one? Get in touch.