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Bikkurim supports innovative, NYC-based, Jewish, non-profit projects that are in early stages of formation and organizational growth. For its tenth anniversary, Bikkurim was releasing a report identifying characteristics of successful start-ups and highlighting the unique needs and challenges that Jewish “post-start-ups” face. The expansive document needed to look professional and conceptually cohesive. While the content was dense and serious, the report was to look “approachable and accessible.”

The first step was to identify a visual concept. After exploring a host of images, we decided to use a picture that showed one shiny red apple among many golden apples. Fruit was implicit in the report title “From First Fruits to Abundant Harvest.” But also, one apple stands out from among the rest; that is, among many start-ups, only some will stand out and thrive. The layout of this 59 page report is clean and flexible to give charts and graphs ample space.

See sample pages below.

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Layout and design 59 page research report



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